5 things about me

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I meant to write this post months ago but talking about myself just feels...meehhhh, not that great. But since this is my blog and I'm honored that you're following along or even visiting for the first time, I wanted to let you in on what makes me, well...me. 

I got the idea from another blogger, who got it from another blogger and so on. I'm guessing we're all in the same, don't love talking about ourselves, boat. But I find this to be a good way of putting some honest stuff out there without boring you to tears. If you want to follow my life along the way, I post Instagram stories regularly as well as the latest food photos on my feed. I'm also on Facebook and Pinterest - so feel free to stop over.

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So here we go:

5 things i say regularly

  • wait, what?

  • i read that...

  • ahhh fuck (here's a fun fact...in romania the word "fac" pronounced just like fuck actually means "to do/make")

  • stop...don't...no... (i'm a mother)

  • why are there so many dishes?

5 things i often think about 

  • my family

  • i'd like to live near the beach

  • this blog

  • life's mysterious ways

  • the glass of wine at the end of the day

5 places i dream of visiting/revisiting 

  • paris

  • burgsalach, germany, where i lived when i was younger

  • napa valley

  • bucharest, where i was born and raised

  • tuscany

5 things few people know about me

  • i was accepted to the fashion institute of technology in nyc for fine art but ended up going to a different school for psychology

  • i get anxious in crowds and much prefer one on one interactions

  • i've always liked reading honest, tragic poetry...think sylvia plath

  • i'm very emotional and not in the weep at everything way but in the feeling deeply and passionately sort of way

  • i like to sing. i sing to my kids, to myself, in the car, while i cook, etc

5 things i like to do

  • cook, obviously

  • take photos. it fits in with creating art for me

  • open a fresh bottle of wine....ahhh

  • have interesting conversations

  • go to wineries

5 things i wish i could do

  • set up an easel and paint for hours

  • live near the ocean

  • not be as anxious as i am

  • have more time to read and not just blog posts even though some are exceptionally good

  • sleep more

5 things that make me happy

  • my family

  • writing

  • cooking

  • dancing

  • drinking a glass of champagne

5 things i watch

  • the office

  • indie films

  • any jean-luc godard movie, especially with anna karina (total girl crush)

  • food documentaries

  • sex and the city - it will never get old

5 things i listen to

  • podcasts

  • indie/alt music

  • anything by radiohead, interpol, goldfrap, deadmou5, st. vincent, chvrches and purity ring

  • classical music

  • electronic everything

5 things i like to wear

  • flats/slip on vans

  • skinny jeans

  • plain t-shirts

  • cardigans

  • dainty jewelry

5 things that smell glorious

  • coffee

  • spaghetti sauce while it's simmering

  • elevators (i know, so weird)

  • earl grey tea

  • my children's freshly washed hair

5 things i can't live without

  • my phone (i know, i know but it's true)

  • my cast iron skillet

  • my global knife

  • the people that make my heart beat

  • the hope that life will take me where it may

5 things i dislike

  • fake chit chat

  • arrogance

  • when people don't keep their word

  • white chocolate...because, why?

  • alfredo sauce...never liked it, even when i was eating dairy

5 things that make me, me

  • i'm passionate

  • i like helping people

  • i don't need a lot of friends - just the great ones i have

  • i'd rather buy food and wine than clothes

  • i'm a dreamer

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Okay, are you still with me? Great! So there was a little bit about me. Obviously this barely scratches the surface but as I grow with this blog, I'm sure you'll be finding out more details about some of these and more. Feel free to make your own list and pass it along. And feel free to comment or email if you have any questions. I love hearing from you!