is it hard to eat like this?

I've been asked the question: "Is it hard to eat like this?". The answer is yes but then also no. The reason it's yes, is because it takes a shitload of preparation and planning to have fresh, nutritious food on hand all the time, not to mention money. It does cost more to source quality ingredients, there's absolutely no denying that. It can also be frustrating at times, especially when I haven't prepared well and there's nothing on hand to just grab. But the no piece to this question is that there's absolutely no single food that could convince me to go back to the agony I once felt. (I still have my days, please don't get me wrong).

I've mentioned this before...I was pretty much cornered by these issues. I was either going to let go of what hurt me or keep being in pain so the answer was easy. I always thought that I could never live without bread. And yes, going out to eat (which we really don't do that much anyway) sucks when everyone is enjoying delicious fresh bread dipped in olive oil but it really has gotten easier over time. Just like any habit it takes time to adjust to eating differently. Plus I'm more interested in tasting a new wine and generally more worried about that than bread. So that helps.