about sleep...

I went into some detail on the importance of sleep in this article. In a very interesting interview I listened to today with a sleep expert who elaborated on how to sleep smarter not just "more", which we're told to do. Some takeaways were: 

  • make sure you get at least 4 solid sleep cycles, so the absolute bare minimum would translate to about 6 hours of sleep, which is the absolute very least. Sad do say that's pretty much where I am most of the time. Having small kids will do that but it comes with the territory so I do what I can..
  • keep your bedroom around 68 degrees. You may or may not love the idea but the body truly needs cooler temperature at night as most of the repair in the body takes place when your body temperature has dropped. 
  • along the same line, wear comfortable clothing or no clothing at all. Again this ties in with being able to allow the body to reduce the temperature. 
  • in order to optimize sleep, get outside between the hours of 6am and 8:30 am. Exposure to light early in the morning has an effect on sleep by balancing cortisol levels. 
  • additionally exercising in the morning even for a few minutes, can help stabilize cortisol levels and will optimize sleep

Anyway, these are some added ideas to the article I have written on sleep. Speaking of sleep...it's creeping up to 10pm...must get sleep...