messing up recipes is a real bummer

So for you the 3 readers that will be checking out this page..oh 4 sorry, 4 readers, today I blew it with a recipe. I was so excited, totally thought I nailed it but made some pretty dry muffins. My husband deemed them, "almost good". I was disappointed as ingredients are not cheap and my time is especially not cheap but after sulking for a bit, I dusted the flour off my shoulder (get it, get it???) oh Jay Z, you sill got it. Anyway, back to the muffins that I butchered. I decided to play around more and came up with a new version of what I made earlier and upgraded them from one way to three ways! As I'm writing this, they're in the oven. They're a slight chance that I will be posting another entry stating that I screwed up batch #2. But no matter, it's the journey right? I was thinking, with the wasted ingredients, I probably could have bought like 2.5 Kombuchas? Maybe 3?