the art of saying i'm sorry

A co-worker of mine suddenly lost her best friend and maid of honor due to a stroke at the age of 30. This really hit me hard. I cannot say enough about how horribly sad I am for her. This led me to think about life (which I do often), its fragility and how in a split second everything we know as normal could change. 

This also made me think of the petty arguments people have that often takes place within families, couples, etc. Pride often gets in the way of saying "I'm sorry". I truly don't like unfinished arguments, unfinished anything. I need resolutions. I care deeply about my relationship with the ones I love, even if sometimes we can disagree. 

 Even if I know full well that I'm right, I will try to at least find a way to middle ground of understanding. Talking things out can do miracles, if people can put pride aside and simply listen and empathize. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pushover, but if I care enough about a relationship, I will do what it takes to fix whatever whatever is broken because you never know where life can take you. We can only hope to live a healthy and fulfilling life but you never want to live with wishing you had just said "I'm sorry".