social media free sunday

Ever since I started blogging I've kind of lost my mind. Between cooking, research, writing, taking photos, keeping up with social media and then oh, my real life, holy shit. It's a lot. It's a lot more than I had anticipated. Mainly what makes it tricky is my need for checking social media. I went from being a very private person, who shared very little, to now sharing quite a bit. Probably considerably less than some, but still, a lot for me. 

The thing about social media is that it really gets to the addictive parts of our brains. Every little like, or comment, gives us a little hit of dopamine. We crave it, we rely on it to get us through the day.

So today was the day that I decided to stay off of it completely. Was it difficult? Uhm, sort of? I guess in some ways, but also liberating in others. It was nice to just say no completely and give myself a break and fully be present in my life. And you know what? It was a good day. I mean, I truly felt present. In it. My life. While I think social media is great for connecting and reaching like minded people with common interests, I have to find a way to keep it in balance. Dedicate specific times and stay off of it at others. Prior to starting a blog I was very good at it but the itch is stronger than ever now. Just have to work on this like everything else.