I walk into work - the office buzzing with life. It's a huge open space where most people can see you coming and going. I'm in a rather dismal mood...didn't sleep well and just want to slither across the floor and get to my cube unnoticed. Some days I just can't force myself to smile or be as friendly as I normally am. My face looks artificial when trying - almost hurts. When I have shitty days like these, the noise of the office is amplified, burning my ears. 

But then I put my headphones in and I lose myself to Victoria Legrand's sweet, dark voice - melodic and dreamy. Music often rescues me from myself. Dark moods suck but the good thing is they do eventually pass. There are certain times of the month when I can feel myself enter this dark tunnel and don't necessarily hate it. Perhaps on some level even revel in it a little. 

Thank you hormones for making me your puppet. You own me.