Today nostalgia hit me like a wrecking ball. I go through phases when I think about parts of my life that were often under-appreciated at that time. I suppose most of us do this. What started it all was hearing the Killer's "somebody told me". 

From early on, I was bitten by the music bug. My parents, big into rock, classical and everything in between, exposed me to it on a daily basis. It was part of our every day life. No matter what was going on at home, there was music. 

While I'd been into it in my teen years, things really changed when I moved to NYC. Living there right after 911 had a sense of "live your life now cause you could die any minute" to it. And people did. I did. Being in New York during the early to late 2000s exposed me to more musicians and bands than I will experience in a lifetime. While I had moved there for college and did what I needed to, my life revolved around music. I was hungry for it. 

In 2004 I met this girl Sarah, who was a DJ and worked for SPIN. She knew her music and ate it up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We kept bumping into each other at various parties and shows and shared the same infatuation for the Killers, who'd just came on the music scene and both of us knew they were going to be huge. 

One day Sarah messaged me and invited me to go with her to MTV and see the Killers perform on TRL. On fucking MTV! It was going to be her, me and a few of her friends. I wanted this more than anything. I mean, the Killers up close, right close I would practically be able to touch them. 

But guess what, that day, anxiety completely crippled me and I had to cancel. I don't have many regrets in life but that is one of them. What if, right? What if? But it's useless now. 

After that ridiculous debacle, I had the chance to see many spectacular bands and got my fill of music. I grew, I learned, things changed, I's life. 

So for now, I'll go listen to my fresh 2000s nostalgic playlist and indulge...