these are a few of my favorite things

It's Festivus and in honor of this special day, I thought about some of my favorite things and my not so favorite things.  Okay so here we go in no particular order:

  1. the first sip of hot coffee in the morning
  2. listening to a song i like over and over until i'm sick of it
  3. beating egg whites 
  4. remembering to change my razor before getting in the shower
  5. a perfectly cooked piece of salmon
  6. when my children play together (for 2 or so minutes)
  7. waking up not feeling like shit 
  8. an empty dishwasher 
  9. the excitement of being half way through a good book and knowing there's more of it
  10. the two weeks of the month when i feel decent 
  11. an out of the blue hug
  12. water when i wake up in the middle of the night, parched 
  13. drinking wine while cooking (and thinking that using instagram story filters is a great idea)
  14. did i mention the dishwasher? i did
  15. opening my work email only to find a few spam emails
  16. dipping bread in olive oil....damn i don't do that anymore. but it can still stay..
  17. the little mermaid. just kidding. or am i?
  18. finding a new show after believing i'll never find one as good as the one i finished
  19. grocery carts with cup holders 
  20. the 3rd day of vacation
  21. freshly washed jeans before they start sagging an hour later
  22. packing up my work stuff for the day
  23. the SNL christmas special 

I could easily double the not so favorite list but here we go in no particular order:

  1. the ding of work email (when it's actually important)
  2. the nightly pile of dishes
  3. my time wasting ability
  4. luke warm anything (coffee, water, hugs, handshakes)
  5. when the day starts of great and then i hit 2 hours of traffic
  6. staring into an empty refrigerator
  7. realizing i don't have chili powder after i've started making chili
  8. the 2 weeks of the month that i feel like shit
  9. the end of a book
  10. the end of a show
  11. spilling coffee on my lap while driving
  12. waking up 30 minutes before the alarm goes off and not being able to go back to sleep
  13. wearing flats when it's pouring out
  14. 11% battery and no charger in sight
  15. water in my ear
  16. the last day of vacation
  17. when i lose most the egg-white while peeling an egg
  18. running out of windshield fluid after a snow storm
  19. falling asleep on the couch after having taken one sip of wine
  20. having a 50% off coupon going to use it the day after it expired
  21. having 1 inch left of floss
  22. the spinning ball on my laptop while in the middle of writing
  23. turning a small blemish into an outright monstrosity 

Happy Festivus all!