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For the times when we can’t get everything from our food, in come these amazing, organic, vegan no additive supplements from Ora Organic. Check them out here!

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Instant Pot

Want amazing dishes but want to slice down on cooking time? Get your hands on an instant pot. Click here to buy


Vegetable Powder

If you don't love certain veggies but want all the benefits or if you love them but want an additional boost of these powerful powders you can find them here. When you enter the code DRCOWANSGARDEN at checkout, you will receive 15% off.

Canned Goods and More

For all things non-perishable Thrive Market is amazing. Everything from food to home and beauty supplies. Conscious shopping that's good for you and the earth.


Bone Broth

For very high quality bone broth I recommend one



If you want a quality probiotic that goes where traditional probiotics can't, check this one out


Fermented Foods

You can purchase fermented foods here and they will be shipped directly to your door


Seasonal Produce

This site is great for finding local seasonal produce from a farm

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Grass Fed Meat

Here is a great resource for finding grass fed products in your area

Find a Farmers Market

Here is where to find a Farmer's Market near you

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Gelatin and Collagen

The most popular gelatin and collagen brands can be found here.